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Hello and welcome to find our brand new webpage! LIVEsound continues the business started almost 15 years ago by company called Seven FX. It’s the same people and the same passion to always do our best. We are here more than ever.

The idea behind this transition is to concentrate on really high end gear (as you can see the brands we want to endorse – not paid advertisement). In addition to rentals, we aim very high on every production we are involved. Although we want to be profiled as a specialized audio company, we are able to provide full service with all the lights and video production, staging and rigging, so don’t hesitate to ask. If it’s a single mic or a full blown tour set, we are here for you.

One more thing. With all these new and cool tools, we are more and more oriented to system tech services, measuring and tuning the big “radio”. Of course for the best results it would be advisable to contact us as early as possible before rigging the speaker arrays for optimal system design.

Hannes Nieminen
CEO and owner


Hannes Nieminen
CEO and owner, audio engineer


Live Sound Finland Oy
Pähkinärinteentie 41
01710 VANTAA


+358 50 5150 777

Warehouse open only as agreed.

Please contact before your visit.


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